Victron Quattro 15kVA Inverter – New Yellow Solar
Victron Quattro 15kVA

Victron Quattro 15kVA

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The Quattro can be connected to two independent AC sources, for example the public grid and a generator, or two generators. The Quattro will automatically connect to the active source. Three units can be configured for three phase output. But that’s not all. Up to 6 sets of three units can be parallel connected to provide 144kW inverter power and more than 2500A charging capacity. This inverter is thus perfect for large scale installations. The inverter has various monitoring options available with possibly the best support for remote monitoring.

Product Specifications

Weight : 72kg

Dimensions : 57.2 x 48.8 x 34.4cm

Brand : Fluxtek

Warranty : 5 Years

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