Pylontech H48074 3.55kWh 48V HV Li-Ion Solar Battery – New Yellow Solar
Pylontech H48074 3.55kWh 48V HV Li-Ion Solar Battery

Pylontech H48074 3.55kWh 48V HV Li-Ion Solar Battery

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H48074 is a series of high voltage Pylontech batteries for the storage of energy from your photovoltaic system. It is combined with various brands of hybrid inverters and retrofits for a capacity of approximately 3.55 kWh with batteries (80% discharge depth).

Pylontech H48074 batteries, with LFP lithium technology, have several advantages:

  • longer life cycle, which exceeds 6000 cycles, corresponding to approximately 11 years of work, with an end-of-life capacity of 80%;
  • an internal molecular structure is more stable and therefore safer, allowing an increase in the combustion temperature of 600 ° C;
  • Wide possibility of expansion of the storage capacity;
  • compact and modular design that allows easy installation/updating;
  • possibility of operating in different temperature conditions;

This type of battery is installed in special racks with a size directly proportional to the desired storage capacity.

The H48074 occupies a space of 3U in the cabinet and can be installed without a minimum space between one battery and another.

As for the BMS, unlike low voltage batteries, it is not included in the battery and occupies a space in the closet equal to 3U.

For a storage capacity between 14.2 and 24.85 kWh, Pylontech BMS SC050A should be used, while for capacities between 17.75 and 35.5 kWh Pylontech BMS SC1000A. 

  • Models: H48074
  • Capacity(kWh): 3.55.
  • Nominal Voltage(Vdc): 48.
  • Nominal Capacity(AH): 74 .
  • Voltage Range(Vdc): 45~54.
  • Depth of Discharge: 80%(10~90%).
  • Dimension(W*D*H)(mm): 442*390*132.
  • Communication: RS485/CAN.
  • Protection Class: IP20.
  • Weight(kg): 32.
  • Operation Life: 10+Years.
  • Operation Cycle Life: 4000.
  • Operation Temperature: 0~50C.
  • Storage Temperature: -20~60C.
  • Product Certificate: TÜV,CE   

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