High Pressure Solar Geysers - Pitch Roof – New Yellow Solar
Solar Geysers - Pitch Roof - New Yellow Solar

Solar Geysers - Pitch Roof

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We use solar tanks that are built to last and will guarantee you to get hot water running during all seasons. All these solar geysers are high pressure solar geysers which use a solar flat plate to collect energy from the sun. Save up to 40% on your electricity bill. This is a great investment as our geysers includes a 10 year warranty. It is locally manufactured by Suntank which uses technology that is based on international best-practice and adopted for the unique climate conditions of the country and the region. Tanks are made of Stainless steel and the panels are copper and aluminium.

Product Specifications

Solar Geyser Specifications

Cylinder Material : Stainless-steel for high pressure Grade: 441, 1.5mm
Insulation : High density polyurethane
External Casing : Aluminium
External Ends UV protected fibre-reinforced resin
Backup Element : 2kW (100L-200L), 3kW (300L) and 4kW (400L)
Working Pressure : 400 kPa
Diameter : 610 mm
Length : 741mm (100L), 1020mm (150L), 1400mm (200L), 1870mm (300L) and 2530mm (400L)
Configuration : Horizontal/ Vertical
Inlets / Outlets : 3/4″ BSP Male
Indirect Heat Exchanger (n/a in Direct geysers) : Double-Jacket stainless-steel
Weight Empty : 35 Kg (100L), 42 kg (150L), 52kg (200L), 70kg (300L) and 90kg (400L)
Weight Full : 135 Kg (100L), 192 kg (150L), 252kg (200L), 370kg (300L) and 490kg (400L)

Collector Panels Specifications

Manifold Tubing Risers : Copper 8 × 9.53 mm
Manifold Tubing Headers : Copper 2 x 22 mm
Collector Plate : Copper Blackened
Case : Aluminium heat coated (black)
Insulation : High density polyurethane with thermal protection
Max Working Pressure : 800 kPa
Cover : 4 mm Prismatic Glass – Hail resistant
Inlets / Outlets : 22mm copper
Length : 1800 mm
Width : 850 mm
Height : 95 mm
Weight empty : 16 kg
Weight Full : 18 Kg
Volume : 2 litres
Standard Ratio : 1 x Collector of 1.57m2 per 100L tank size