5kW Hybrid Solar System & 10.3 kWh Lithium Storage – New Yellow Solar
5kW Solar system & 10.3 kWh Lithium storage - New Yellow Solar

5kW Hybrid Solar System & 10.3 kWh Lithium Storage

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This 5kW hybrid solar system has proven to meet the demands of many. We want to solve your problems with this very powerful solar system that can produce around 30kwh per day. Whether it be a small, large new or existing home, the system will be the answer to your problems. Products used are industry leaders and has proven to be tough and able to withstand any conditions. The system includes installation as well as great warranties.

Package Content

10 x Jinko Solar Panels 470W

1 x 5kW Hybrid Inverter with monitoring

10.3 kWh 48V Lithium Storage System

Installations & Sundries