50kW 3 Phase ATESS HPS50 Hybrid Inverter – New Yellow Solar
50kW 3 Phase ATESS HPS50 Hybrid Inverter

50kW 3 Phase ATESS HPS50 Hybrid Inverter

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Large scale commercial full hybrid inverters. Ideal for African conditions where battery back-up is required. 30kW-150kW and fully scalable these units are ideal for factories, farms, lodges etc.


· All in one hybrid inverter
Battery, load, grid, solar connection all supported
· Programmable working mode
Peak-shaving, back-up, use the system however you want it
· Scalable design
Tripled capacity by paralleling 3 units
· Hot back-up
One inverter fails in parallel system, the other(s) takes over seamlessly.
· Touchscreen LCD
More convenient for parameter setting and maintenance
· Seamless transfer
Uninterruptable power supply guaranteed
· Dry contact output
Supports remote control of DG

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