10kW Hybrid Solar System & 20.6 kWh Lithium Storage – New Yellow Solar
10kW solar system & 20.6 kWh Lithium storage

10kW Hybrid Solar System & 20.6 kWh Lithium Storage

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This 10kW hybrid solar system will in most cases act as an off grid system that can run all appliances necessary. It will be perfect for larger households that use in excess of R4000 per month on electricity. It is very powerful and sustainable and can produce in excess of 60kwh per day. The storage facility is big enough to sustain different kinds of weather and conditions. The details are however just an indication and we suggest that you contact us for a tailored made quotation based on your actual electricity usage. Go solar with our team of professionals and become independent. 

Package Content

  • 22 x Jinko Solar Panels 470W
  • 2 x 5kW Hybrid Inverters with monitoring
  • 20.6 kWh 48V Lithium Batteries
  • Installations & Sundries