Solar MD 7.4kWh Wall Mount – New Yellow Solar
Solar MD 7.4kWh Wall Mount

Solar MD 7.4kWh Wall Mount

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The SS4074 relies on lithium Iron-Phosphate battery for streamlined energy storage. The Solar MD 7.4k features different storage capacities according to user requirements. We can increase capacity through the parallel connection of the batteries. SS4074 System features It’s a flexible solution for both small configurations and mid-sized configurations. It supports both parallel connections and CAN communications. A modular design. It is very easy to install. A universal Wall-mounted system.

SS4074 is suitable for residential PV Installations and commercial UPS systems used with the addition of an external battery inverter for an OFF-GRID energy system. We use the standard SS4074 battery all over the African market for energy storage applications. We produce the battery with the world-leading LiFeP04 technology. SS4074 Battery features excellent safety high-temperature performance, long life cycle, high energy density, stable discharge platform, high charge & discharge rate and highly efficient SS4074 multicolored multipurpose button.

Product Specifications

Battery Type : Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Battery Module : SS4074
Rated Battery Capacity : 7.4kWh
Output Power Max : 5kW
Usable Battery Energy : @0.3C 7.4kWh
Nominal Voltage : 51.2V
Number of Battery Modules : 1 module
Weight of SS4074 : 76kg
Operational Voltage : 44.8-55.6 Vdc
Communication : CAN
Dimensions of SS4074 (mm) : Width 640, depth 200, height 630
Battery Cycle Life [+25 degrees] : >4000
Charging Efficiency : 99%
Operational Temperature (degrees) : -5 to +50
Transport : UN3480 & UN38.3
Storage Duration : 6 months at +25 degrees
Safety Standard Compliance : IEC 62619 / UN 38.3 / UL1642
Cell Certificate : TUV/ CE / RCM / UL1642

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