Revov R100 -5.12 kWh 48V Solar Litium Battery  – New Yellow Solar
Revov Solar Battery - 2nd LiFe 5.12 kWh 24V System  - New Yellow Solar

Revov R100 -5.12 kWh 48V Solar Litium Battery 

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The Revov Solar Battery offers unrivalled value in terms of life cycle cost and capital outlay, with class leading energy density. The Lithium battery comes with a 10 year warranty and can be discharged at 90%. It is therefore ideal for solar backup storage, but can also be used in connection with other applications such as electric vehicles.

Product Specifications

Features :

  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePO4).
  • Supports parallel connection.
  • Lifetime exceeds 10 years 25°C.
  • External BMS (48V).
  • Lighter than Lead Acid or Gel alternatives.
  • No active cooling required.

Nominal Specifications :

  • Voltage Window[V]: 51.2.
  • Capacity [Ah]: 100.
  • Energy [kWh]: 5.12.
  • Storage Charge: every 6 months.

Operating Conditions : 

  • Lifetime @ 25°C: 10+ years.
  • Cycle life [90% DOD @ 25°C] 7000 Cycles
  • Operating temperature: Charge :0~+50°C; / Discharge: -20~+55°C.
  • Transport regulation compliance: UN3840.
  • Protection Class: IP20.
  • Recharge Time (Hours): 2 Hours
  • Warranty: 10yrs or 3500 cycles at 1 cycle per day (whichever arrives first).

Mechanical Specifications :

  • Dimensions (H*D*W): 480±3mm*420±3mm*177±3mm.
  • Weight: 42±0.5Kg.

User Manuals

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