Rentech 12V 200Ah Gel Battery – New Yellow Solar
Rentech 12V 200Ah Gel Battery

Rentech 12V 200Ah Gel Battery

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  • Solar / wind energy and other new energy storage
  • Hybrid vehicles, electric bicycles and other new energy vehicles
  • Other backup or cycle purposes

General Features

  • Lead-carbon composite negative plate, both capacitance and battery characteristics
  • Long cycle life, excellent deep cycle discharge ability
  • Excellent charge acceptance ability
  • Optimized capability of instant high-current discharging
  • Strong high and low temperature performance
  • Precision sealing technology

Product Specifications

Nominal voltage: 12V
Nominal capacity: 200Ah
Design life: 8 Years
Terminal: M8
Approx. weight: Approx 59.0kg (130lbs)
Dimensions: 33cm x 17cm x 21cm
Container material: ABS
Rated capacity: 200Ah – 10 Hour rate (20.0A to 10.8V), 163Ah – 3 Hour rate (54.2A to 10.8V), 132Ah – 1 Hour rate (132A to 10.5V).
Internal resistance: Full charged at 25°C: 2.9 mΩ
Max discharge current: 2400A (5s)
Operating temperature: Discharge: -40 ~ 60°C (-40 ~ 140°F), Charge: -20 ~ 50°C (-4 ~ 122°F), Storage: -20 ~ 50°C (-4 ~ 122°F).
Charge method (25°C): Charge current: Max. 60A; recom. 20.0 ~ 30.0A, Float charge: 13.5 – 13.8V, recom. 13.5V (-18mV/°C), Equalize charge:13.8 – 14.1V, recom. 14.1V (-24mV/°C), Cycle charge: 14.4 – 15.0V, recom. 14.4V (-30mV/°C)
Self discharge: 3% of capacity declined per month at 25°C.

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