JA Solar panel 335W poly full cell, QC4 – New Yellow Solar
JA Solar panel 335W poly full cell, QC4

JA Solar panel 335W poly full cell, QC4

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This time-tested legacy module series has been proven to be one of the powerful
and most reliable products offered by JA Solar and the most popular choice by PV
system installers and customers around world.


  • 5 busbar solar cell design
  • Anti-PID
  • Low cost
  • Highly reliable due to strict quality control

Product Specifications

DC Electrical Characteristics

STC Power Rating: 335W

PTC Power Rating: 307.73W

STC Power per unit of area 15.8W/ft2 (170.0W/m2)

Peak Efficiency: 17%

Power Tolerances: 0%/+2%

Number of Cells: 72

Nominal Voltage: Not applicable

Maximum Power Current Imp: 8.95A

Maximum Power Voltage Vmp: 37.45V

Short Circuit Current: 9.42A

Open Circuit Voltage Voc: 46.1V

NOCT: 45°C

Temp. Coefficient of Isc: 0.06%/K

Temp. Coefficient of Power: -0.4%/K

Temp. Coefficient of Voltage:  -0.152V/K

Series Fuse Rating: 20A

Maximum System Voltage: 1000V

Mechanical Characteristics

Type: Polycrystalline Silicon

Output Cable Wire Gauge: 12 AWG

Output Cable Wire Type: PV Wire

Output Cable Wire Length: 1,200mm

Frame Colour: Clear

Backsheet Colour: White

Dimensions (L x W x D): 1,979 x 99 x 40mm

Weight: 22.3kg

Installation Method: Rack-Mounted

User manuals

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